Sunday School


Paul's letter to the Romans is an inspired masterpiece of doctrine highlighting God's grace, truth, and redemption. Within the pages of Romans, the apostle Paul powerfully shares his message of good news and eternal salvation with the church, advises believers on theological truths, gives practical applications for living the Christian life, and shows how God’s righteousness comes by grace alone through faith in Christ. The book of Romans underscores that Christianity is far more than just a doctrine—it is an essential road map for daily living. Nathaniel Allen leads this study and the class meets in the Fireside Room.

Foundations of Christianity

This class will lay out the bottom line truths and non negotiables of the Christian Faith. “What place should church & the Bible have in my life?”, “Where did the Bible come from and what does it claim?”, “What do I need to know about angels, Satan and demons?” These, and many more, are some of the questions and topics that will be covered. The book Know What You Believe by Paul E. Little will be used as a guide. Pastor Randy leads this study meeting in the Jr. High room in the east wing.

Genesis 1-19

The old saying warns us that those who ignore the past are destined to repeat its mistakes. In Genesis 1–19, readers are given a front-row seat to where everything began—and how it all fell apart. Even more important, we see how a loving God moved to restore the shattered pieces by pointing His people toward a future hope. Our world is just as broken today as it was back then, which means the message of Genesis is just as vital today as it was back then. This study is taught by Nelson Jamir & Herb Hess in the Adult 1 (east wing)  classroom.

Women's Study - 1 Thessalonians

In this letter to believer’s in Thessalonica, Paul celebrates the believer’s future hope and encourages them to maintain their faith despite persecution. As believers we are reminded that we can live with anticipation of Christ’s return in the face of an uncertain world. Led by Julie Bailey, this study is located in the West Wing Room #1.

Toddlers - PreK

Grades K-5

Jr & Sr High

Children under 5 are welcome to join Julianne Reid in the nursery. They will do a lesson and craft. Then infants are welcome to join parents in adult classes.
Bible stories, crafts, song and much more! Join Abigail Allen in the west wing, second classroom on the right.
Youth Students meet with Micah DeBruno in the last classroom in the east wing. We begin class with a short game followed by Bible study and discussion.