Sunday School

1 Peter

Believers in the early church scattered across the Roman Empire were facing the threat of increased persecution. Peter, wrote two practical and encouraging letters to strengthen the hearts of these followers of Christ. Peter’s words are for us today, living in a culture that is becoming more hostile to Christians and their beliefs. This study is lead by Jordan Nelson and Neil Kunnari. They will take you through the first of these two letters, passage by passage, so that you can better understand Peter's words of hope and wisdom and how to live victoriously in the midst of life-threatening trials.

Women's Study - 2 Thessalonians

Genesis 20-50

“Has Jesus already returned?” That was the rumor circulating in Thessalonica. Had they missed it? Uncertainty had thrown their future into question, their hope into doubt. Fear and anxiety hovered at the edges of the fledgling community. Paul wrote to restore their confidence and set the record straight. When fear, anxiety, or doubt threaten to set your faith adrift, 2 Thessalonians will help to anchor your hope and steady your resolve.  Led by Julie Bailey, this study is located in the West Wing Room #1
For many family makes all the difference. Our families shape us and test us. In big and small ways, we are who we are because of them. In Genesis 20-50, readers get a deep dive into one particular family: the descendants of Abraham. Through these patriarchs, God built the nation of Israel and established a line to the Savior. What’s more, their examples of faith continue to resonate with Christ followers today. And this study brings their stories to life. This study is led by Nelson Jamir and Herb Hess and meets in the Adult 1 Classroom in the east wing.

Toddlers - PreK

Grades K-5

Jr & Sr High

Children under 5 are welcome to join Linda Sundstrom in the nursery. They will do a lesson and craft. Then infants are welcome to join parents in adult classes.
Bible stories, crafts, song and much more! Join Abigail Allen in the west wing, second classroom on the right.
Youth Students meet with Micah DeBruno in the last classroom in the east wing. We begin class with a short game followed by Bible study and discussion.