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Dan Bailey


Dan Bailey, a native of southern California, spent twenty years in private business until moving to Idaho in 2001 with his wife, Julie, and three daughters. In 2003 Dan was asked to step in as temporary “pulpit supply” after Trinity’s previous pastor resigned. The search for a new pastor lasted nearly a year and a half. The new pastor they found was Dan! Dan has an unflinching dedication to the clear exposition of God’s Word. His responsibilities include the overall leadership of the church, preaching and teaching the Word of God, and pastoral care. Dan did his undergraduate work in English literature at Long Beach State University and his graduate theological training at Talbot Theological Seminary at Biola University.

Randy Ward


Harrison Holley

Young Adults Minister

Harrison is from Boise, Idaho and moved to Moscow to finish his civil engineering degree at UI. Prior to that, Harrison spent 1 yr. at Boise Bible College. He likes to spend most of his time outdoors; hiking, camping, and biking with his family. Harrison has invested into various children’s ministries throughout his time in the church. He was a middle school boys youth leader for 2 yrs. Before that he served as a Sunday school teacher for 4 yrs. He has served in foreign countries on mission trips ministering to children and orphanages. Harrison is married to McKenzie and has 3 children, Henry, Eleanor, and Benjamin.

Micah DeBruno

Youth Minister

Micah is a native from central California, and moved to Moscow in 2022. Prior to moving, Micah served in the Air Force and went to school for Computer Science. He is currently working on a Masters of Education from NNU, to teach High School Math and Computer Science. He likes to spend his time running, playing board games, or reading a good book. Micah has invested into youth and media ministries throughout his time in the church. He loves teaching the youth at Trinity Baptist and is involved with the worship team. Micah is married to Lillian and has 1 child, Kellin.

Holly Mathews

Church Secretary

Holly is an Idaho native, and first came to Moscow in 2010 after she went to school for Art Education. Holly and her husband, Bill, a University of Idaho alumnus, have two daughters. When she is not in the office she enjoys running, hiking, and camping. Holly loves working with the children at TBC, she is the children’s coordinator. Her office responsibilities at Trinity include bookkeeping, volunteer & event scheduling, as well as many other administrative and organizational tasks, to ensure the smooth function of the church.

Steve Hepler


Jon Schaper


Jon is a native of Moscow. He earned his associates degree at Lewis–Clark State College in 2012, and followed that up with a BS in Biology in 2015, he also received his M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction in 2018 and is now teaching Science at Moscow High School. He enjoys outdoor activities including skiing, hiking, four-wheeling, as well as spending time with friends. Jon is involved with the sound booth and media, and maintains the church grounds.

Lillian DeBruno

Media Specialist

Lillian is from Boise, Idaho and moved to Moscow to live with her brother, Harrison, and his family. With Lillian's art classes in college and working at a real estate company in town for a year, she learned the skill of media and marketing. She enjoys spending time hiking, reading a book, and playing board games. She has served in foreign countries on mission trips ministering to children and women. Lillian loves working with the youth at Trinity Baptist, is involved with the worship team, and maintains the church website and app. Lillian is married to Micah and they have 1 child, Kellin.
Our deacons and elders are an integral function of TBC, and they are here for the personal and spiritual help of the members of Trinity Baptist Church. Simply put, our deacons are all about service. They are here for you! Feel free to seek out any deacon and they’ll help you with your needs. If you have any doctrinal, administrative, or organizational questions, please seek out one of our elders or pastors.


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