Sunday School

All Classes Begin at 9:00 A.M.



Join Ray Templeton as he embarks on the study of Jude. Jude's epistle addressed the false teachings that had infiltrated the Christian community at the time. Jude also encouraged believers to stand firm in the faith and fight for the truth. This book is very applicable to our communities, lives, and Christian walk of today. This class meets in the east wing Adult 1 Classroom.   

2 Samuel

Join Dave Baumgartner in the Fireside Room for a study in 2 Samuel. "In the pages of the Old Testament, King David stands tall as one of its greatest heroes. But he was no flawless angel. His faults are well documented. Yet this "man after God's own heart" shows of God's sovereign reign over people, events, rulers, and kingdoms. There is clear picture of God's hand to provide salvation to humanity through the promised Messiah, the Son of David." Lifeway Bible Studies.

Men: Joshua     

The book of Joshua reminds us, as believers, that God has a plan for our lives & that He is in control. Come see how to find courage in times of adversity, how to obey God's will in your life, even when you might not understand it, and how to respond to failures & setbacks. This class is facilitated by Fred Brandner & meets in the room to the front-right of the sanctuary.

Women: Hosea    

Julie Bailey will be leading the women through this study, exploring the book of Hosea. "It is a story of an unlikely couple, an unusual courtship, and an illicit affair." (Jennifer Rothschild). This love story demonstrates Hosea's unfailing love for his wife and Gods's unfailing love for you. This DVD study meets in the room to the front-left of the sanctuary. 


Jr. & Sr. High SCHOOL (grades 7-12)
Currently on summer break. This class will resume Sept. 2nd.
Young adults meet with Holly Mathews in the last classroom in the north east wing. Students will be on an extensive journey learning apologetics as modeled in scripture in 1 Peter 3:15.
Bible stories, Bible drill, crafts and more with Mary Baumgartner in the west wing, 1st classroom on the right.
Bible stories, crafts, song and much more! Join Abigail Allen in the west wing, 2nd classroom on the right.