Sunday School

All Classes Begin at 9:00 A.M.


Bible Prophecy

What does the Bible say about coming events? Join Ray Templeton in a Bible Prophecy class. This class will look at was has been fulfilled - learning how God does what He says He is going to do, and what has yet to be fulfilled. Questions about Babylon, Magog Invasion, the role of Israel, the role of the U.S., what about the Jewish Temple?... all these questions and more will be discussed! This class meets in the east wing, Adult 1 classroom. 

Numbers & Deuteronomy

Join Dave Baumgartner in the Fireside Room for a study of these two books. Numbers is filled with stories of the Israelites traveling toward the promised land, with the detours and complaints along the way. Deuteronomy is made up of three sermons presented by Moses as he prepared the people to cross the Jordan and enter the land. With these two books we will discover afresh our need for a Savior and encouragement for living a life for Him.

Men: Standing on the Promises of God   

This class will dig into the Bible to discuss some of the vast promises God has for us. It is very encouraging, edifying, and a boost in faith! Join in! This class is facilitated by Fred Brandner & meets in the room to the front-right of the sanctuary.

Women: 1 Peter    

Join Julie Bailey for a study in 1 Peter. This verse-by-verse study will bring to light our inheritance in Christ. It is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading. These attributes help us to discover our true identity as believers, along with being rooted in our living hope, Jesus Christ. This study is located in the room to the front-left of the sanctuary. 


Jr. & Sr. High SCHOOL (grades 6-12)
Young adults meet with Harrison & Mckenzie Holley in the last classroom in the north east wing. We begin class with a short activity/game followed by Bible study and discussion.
Bible stories, crafts, song and much more! Join Abigail Allen in the west wing, 2nd classroom on the right.

infant - 5yrs old
We currently do not have childcare for infant-preK during the Sunday School hour. We do provide childcare during our worship service.